How do I get the current container's URL from inside the container?

There can be many reasons why knowing the Environment URL of a container is required when setting up on Runnable. Here is a walkthrough that can explain how to generate the Environment URL of a given container.

An Environment URL of a container is derivied from its Template URL i.e. Environment URL = Container ID + - + Template URL.

Let's assume that you are working with a container launched from the Web template, under your Github Org AcmeOrg.

The Template URL of this container is Now the only thing we need to generate the Web URL of this container is its Container ID -- this value can be read from the special environment variable RUNNABLE_CONTAINER_ID. This environment variable is injected into all containers on Runnable.

Here is an example of how you can get the URL in Node.js through string concatenation:

var web_url=process.env.RUNNABLE_CONTAINER_ID +

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