Adding Your Branches

Once you have setup your repository template, proceed to the containers page to access the containers running your repository's branches.

Runnable automatically discards containers running stale branches. A branch becomes stale if it has had no commit for over a week. 

To launch a branch container:

  1. Find the template name in the sidebar on Runnable. You can scroll or use the search filter on top to help you.

  2. Click on "Add Branch" to reveal a tray. branches2

  3. Click on the branch you'd like to add. Shortly after that, you should see your branch running in your container list. branches3

Automatically launch containers for new Branches

Runnable based repository templates are tightly integrated with Github. Runnable listens to all pushes to a repository and can automatically launch containers from branches.

To enable this behavior:

  1. Find the template name in the side bar.

  2. Click on "Add Branch" to reveal a tray. branches2

  3. Ensure that the the toggle on this view is enabled. branches7

  4. Now any commits made by a member of your Github org will launch in Runnable.

Runnable will only launch a container for your commit only if the commit author is also a member of your team on Runnable. Check out this article for more details.

To remove a branch container:

  1. Find the branch on the sidebar on Runnable.

  2. Click on the configuration gear on the right of the branch's name. branches4

  3. Click on "Remove Branch" twice to confirm that you'd like to remove the branch.

  4. Your branch should now be removed from the sidebar.

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