Isolated Environments

As we work on our ideas in our branches on Github, it is natural to want to run them in isolated environments. This is especially useful if your branch container needs its own database, data-store, back-end container, front-end container, etc.

Runnable makes launching branches in Isolated environments easy:

  1. Find the branch on the sidebar on Runnable. You can scroll or use the search filter on top to help you.

  2. Click on the configuration gear on the right of the branch's name.

  3. Click on "Isolate Branch..." to reveal the Isolation modal. isolate1

  4. Select the templates you'd like to launch containers from. These containers will launch in an isolated environment for your branch. For repository templates, you can choose a specific branch as well. In this case, we decided to Isolate our API branch with a web-server@master, MySQL and Redis container.


  5. Click on "Isolate Branch" to confirm the setup.

  6. You should now see your branch running with its own isolated environment on the sidebar. It will inherit its configuration from the template it was launched from.isolate3

Runnable's DNS system will automatically map your connections to the Isolated containers. For this to work, ensure that you have connected to the containers using the Template URL.

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