How do I use my own Dockerfile?

This guide will walk you through importing your own Dockerfile into Runnable.

  1. On the Configure page click on the New Container button.
  2. Select the recommended values for your stack, but make sure to select your main integration branch. Then on the next step, select the recommended value for your Container CMD.
    Note: You’ll be able to change the values in your Dockerfile.
  3. Now you will see all the tools available—select Dockerfile.
  4. To start editing your Dockerfile, click the readonly toggle on the top-right.
  5. Can now edit your Dockerfile! Paste in your Dockerfile and you are ready to build your container.

Runnable’s Build Folder

To use your Dockerfile, you need to refactor it to match the directory structure of Runnable’s build folder.

The Dockerfile is on the same level as any additional files and folders—this includes your repository.

Make sure you format your Dockerfile to add the repository:

Any other additional files/folders/repositories you need can be added by clicking [+] button in file explorer.

For example, lets say you added a new file called “testing.txt” to your build folder.

To add “testing.txt” to your container, you have to format your Dockerfile to have the following lines:

If you need help in setting up your Dockerfile, please contact us.

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